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"We sell the good stuff"

330 North Tuscarawas Ave.       P. O. Box 465                     Dover, OH  44622

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Beaded Angel Kit

3 1/2" Tall.  Each kit makes 3 angels.  Easy to assemble.  Made with plastic beads, safety pins and wire.  All angels kits made with gold safety pins and gold trim using our exclusive heart wings.


$8.80 Per Kit


#JF527-Crystal Clear Beads #JF533-Champagne Beads


Beaded Christmas Mouse


3" x 3".  Can be used as an ornament or can sit on a shelf.  Made with Crystal, Christmas Red and Opaque White Beads.  Easy to make. 

Kit makes 6 mice.




Beaded Votive Candle Holder

Comes complete with glass votive cup & white candle.  

Easy to make with plastic beads, safety pins and wire.

#JF534-Crystal Beads/Silver Safety Pins

$7.70 Per Kit

Rectangular Crystal Bead Basket

6" Wide x 5 1/2" Tall.  This four-sided basket is made with Crystal Clear Beads and Silver Safety Pins.  This basket can be used for many things such as a small wastebasket, desk accessory, potted plant holder, etc...

Kit makes 1 Basket