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Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are man made to resemble natural scents. Many of natures scents are not available in essential oils.

Use for Soap Making, Candle Making, Bath Salt & Bath Oil, Lotions, Balms, Potpourri and Diffusers. 

Our fragrance oils are high quality.  Our prices are not excessively low, our competition is extremely overpriced.   It is not that our prices are cheap, it's that our competitors are working on a higher profit margin or they are not buying at the right price.  We shop at several fragrance houses to get the best quality fragrances for the money.  Candle makers rave at the fragrance throw.  Soap and lotion makers are delighted with our fragrances and their versatility.  Some of our competitors carry two lines of fragrances.  The ones that sell good they call key fragrances and usually charge more.  We consider all of our fragrances key and we thrive to keep our prices low.

The most popular fragrances for lotions are: 

(For Women) Cucumber Melon, Plumeria, Baby Powder, Lavender, Cucumber, Mango, Melon Berry

(For Men) Drakkar M Type 

Many essential oils are great for lotions and soaps.

Available in 3 sizes.

15 ml (1/2 fl. oz.) and 100 ml. (3.33 fl. oz.) Glass Bottles

16 oz. net weight Plastic Bottles

15 ml. (1/2 fl. oz.)    $2.00                                 

100 ml. (3.33 fl. oz.)    $4.00        

 16 oz. net weight     $14.00

Please Note:  Some bottles may not be completely full due to some oils weighing more than others.  Shake well before using.  Some settling may occur.

Listing of Fragrance Oils

#CBFO-001 Apple #CBFO-037 Pineapple #CBFO-082 Vanilla Silk
#CBFO-002 Banana #CBFO-039 Pine #CBFO-083 Hawaiin Pikake Petals
#CBFO-003 Bayberry #CBFO-040 Fruit Slices #CBFO-084 Magnolia
#CBFO-004 Blueberry #CBFO-041 Pear #CBFO-087 Drakkar M Type
#CBFO-005 Carnation #CBFO-042 Peppermint Twist #CBFO-090 Cotton Candy
#CBFO-006 Coconut #CBFO-043 Cucumber Melon #CBFO-091 Blackberry
#CBFO-007 Freesia #CBFO-044 Peach Cobbler #CBFO-092 Musk
#CBFO-008 French Vanilla #CBFO-045 Banana Nut Bread #CBFO-093 Love Spell
#CBFO-009 Gardenia #CBFO-046 Mulberry #CBFO-094 Aquolina Pink
#CBFO-010 Jasmine #CBFO-049 Lavender #CBFO-096 Coconut Lime Verbena
#CBFO-011 Lilac #CBFO-050 Pecan Pie #CBFO-097 Soothing Sandalwood
#CBFO-012 Maple Sugar #CBFO-051 Coffee #CBFO-098 Tommy Type
#CBFO-013 Melon Berry #CBFO-052 Mango #CBFO-099 Tommy Girl Type
#CBFO-014 Orange Cinnamon #CBFO-053 Plumeria #CBFO-101 Spellbound Type
#CBFO-015 Peach Blossom #CBFO-055 Fresh Linen #CBFO-102 Lavender & Rose
#CBFO-016 Vanilla #CBFO-057 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie #CBFO-103 Pear Berry BBW Type
#CBFO-017 Strawberry #CBFO-058 Cantaloupe #CBFO-107 Caramel
#CBFO-018 Cranberry #CBFO-059 Watermelon #CBFO-109 Christmas Splendor
#CBFO-019 Cinnamon #CBFO-060 Sweet Pea #CBFO-110 Gingerbread
#CBFO-020 Sea Breeze #CBFO-061 Orange Sherbet #CBFO-111 Carrot Cake
#CBFO-021 Raspberry #CBFO-062 Honeysuckle #CBFO-112 Root Beer
#CBFO-022 Fresh Rain #CBFO-064 Cappuccino #CBFO-113 Strawberry Banana
#CBFO-023 Rose #CBFO-065 Hazelnut #CBFO-115 Cool Water
#CBFO-024 Almond #CBFO-067 Butter Cream #CBFO-117 Odor Eliminator
#CBFO-025 Pumpkin Pie #CBFO-068 Warm Orange Gingerbread #CBFO-121 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
#CBFO-026 Apple Pie #CBFO-069 Northern Star #CBFO-123 Warm Embrace
#CBFO-027 Sugar Cookie #CBFO-075 Cinnamon Buns #CBFO-124 Strawberry Champagne
#CBFO-028 Baby Powder #CBFO-078 Oatmeal, Milk & Honey #CBFO-125 White Tea & Ginger
#CBFO-029 Lily of the Valley #CBFO-080 German Chocolate #CBFO-130 Plum
#CBFO-030 Wild Cherry #CBFO-081 Blueberry Cobbler #CBFO-131 Orange
#CBFO-032 Chocolate Brownie    

Many fragrances sell best at Christmas and Fall like Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie, Bayberry, Pine, Peppermint Twist, Almond, Pecan Pie, Warm Orange Gingerbread, Cinnamon Buns and Cranberry.  We stock these fragrances all year round. 

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